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Woodland Dance!

Woodland Dance!

Simon & Schuster Inc.

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The moose plays the cello. The deer, violin. And it’s ONE-two-three, ONE-two-three, time to begin. This mystical, waltzing board book from the one and only Sandra Boynton is a magical book to share with a magical child.

Woodland animals heed the call of the fox’s bugle to join the woodland dance in a moonlit glade, dancing all night to the music of the Woodland Dance Trio. As the animals wander off to bed, the Trio plays one last piece to welcome the sun in this rhythmic story that’s a lovely, lyrical way to start or end the day.

They waltz, or they foxtrot.
They pivot and prance.
And they dance. And they dance.
And they dance. And they dance.
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