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Star Bead Studio

Star Bead Studio


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Inspire creativity with Aquabeads Star Bead Studio, the original stick with water arts and crafts bead activity toy.

The Star Bead Studio set includes over 1,000 solid, jewel and star beads in 24 colors, star shaped bead case, double sided bead pen, flip tray set, sprayer, template sheets, and instructions. New star bead shapes add depth and dimension to your designs, for advanced bead creations!

Following the template design, use the bead pen to place the beads onto the flip tray to create your design. Don't worry about mistakes because you can pick up misplaced beads with the bead picker by sliding the trigger on the opposite end of the bead pen. Remove mistakenly placed beads by gently picking them up with the bead picker. Using the sprayer, spray water onto the beads to make them magically stick together! Simply flip the tray, placing the bead design onto the receiver. Continue to create new designs while the other designs dry.

Complete Arts and Craft Bead Kit from Aquabeads

Features over 1,000 solid, jewel and new star shaped beads in 24 vibrant colors. New star beads add depth and dimension to create advanced designs with Aquabeads!

Complete kit includes star shaped bead case, flip tray, sprayer, template sheets, instructions and bead pen to help pick up and place beads onto the tray

Add to your bead collection with Aquabeads theme refills, bead refills and accessories!

Aquabeads is suitable for girls and boys ages 4 and above. Not suitable for children under age 3 due to small parts
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