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Pippa's Princess Carriage

Pippa's Princess Carriage


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Pippa's Princess Carriage has an opening carriage revealing a beautiful dressing room for Pippa. Twist her around to see her magic mirror turn to see herself in her beautiful ball gown. When she's all pampered and ready, attach the horse to the carriage and push it along to hear the realistic clippety-clop horse sounds as she heads off to the ball.

  • Push-along pumpkin carriage with realistic clippety-clop horse sounds
  • Flip open the pumpkin carriage roof revealing a princess dressing room interior
  • Use the removable Play Friend figure as a key to turn the rotating magic mirror
  • Removable princess and fairy godmother Play Friend figures, and detachable Animal Friend horse

Box includes
  • 1 motorised Push-along princess carriage
  • 1 princess Play Friend figure
  • 1 fairy godmother Play Friend figure
  • 1 detachable horse Animal Friend figure
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