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My First Bob Books - Pre-Reading Skills Box Set | Phonics, Ages 3 and up, Pre-K (Reading Readiness)

My First Bob Books - Pre-Reading Skills Box Set | Phonics, Ages 3 and up, Pre-K (Reading Readiness)


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Created by a teacher, Bob Books have been helping children learn to read for more than forty years! The fun read-aloud stories in My First Bob Books: Pre-Reading Skills introduce literacy skills to the youngest children.

My First Bob Books: Pre-Reading Skills offers children and their parents a simple and satisfying structure for getting ready to read. The silly read-aloud stories follow Sally the Circle and her friends to gradually introduce concepts that are the building blocks of reading: shapes, sorting, patterns, and sequencing.

Inside the box you'll find:

  • 12 small, hilarious books to read aloud to your child: 12 pages each. Friendly, simple illustrations add humor and support the early literacy skills in the stories.
  • A parent guide with tips, games, and activities to build your child's skills

The books explore these concepts:

  • Identifying shapes, which prepares kids to recognize letters
  • Sorting, which strengthens symbol identification and problem-solving skills
  • Learning simple patterns, which builds awareness of letter groups and sight words
  • Sequencing, which strengthens the ability to predict how stories flow

Bob Books Level: Reading Readiness

Ages: 3-5 | Grade Levels: Pre-K, Kindergarten

Bob Books' phonics-based method aligns with the body of research known as the Science of Reading, which proves that systematic phonics instruction is crucial to children's reading success. With simple phonics, playful stories, and silly illustrations, Bob Books keep young readers' confidence high, leading to continued success and a love of reading. Your child will soon join the millions of happy kids who say, "I read the whole book!"®

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