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Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner

Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner

Epoch Everlasting Play

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Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner includes a front-loaded washing machine and a lightweight vacuum cleaner. Laundry & Vacuum Cleaner features a dial on the washing machine that can be turned to spin the drum. Turning the drum gives the impression of water flowing inside the machine. The hand-held vacuum can be removed from the main unit. The vacuum cleaner can be used as a standalone unit. Combining with other houses and furniture from the town series creates even greater opportunities for fun (sold separately).Washing Machine, Vacuum Cleaner, Hand-Held Vacuum, Trash Can, Towel (a total of 5 pieces)

The drum inside the washing machine can be spun around

Inside has the appearance of flowing water

The hand-held vacuum can be removed from the main unit

Stimulates imaginative role-playing by children 

Suitable for ages three years and above
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