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GraviTrax PRO: Turntable Extension

GraviTrax PRO: Turntable Extension


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Innovative – gravitrax is a modular, electronic-free interactive track system where you can design and build your own race tracks and experiment with gravity, magnetism, and kinetics to propel your ball to the finish.

  • Clear instructions – comes with clear instructions so that you can start building and playing within minutes.
  • Develops critical skills – playing and building with gravitrax develops spatial reasoning and planning skills, and provides a great stealth learning experience for STEM.
  • An ideal gift for girls and boys from the age of 8, and for building fans of all ages. Made in Europe with high quality materials, GraviTrax elements are made to last and guarantee hours of play and assembly, alone or with several people. A perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas.
  • EDUCATIVE STEM GAME: GraviTrax is a very playful building system that allows children to experience physical laws such as gravity, magnetism or kinetic strength. By handling the blocks and testing their own assemblies, they develop both their creativity and understanding of these scientific principles.
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