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Family Picnic Van

Family Picnic Van

Epoch Everlasting Play

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Gather the family for a trip in the Family Picnic Van! Cruiser is pink in color and seats up to 8 including parent, child and baby figures. This family vehicle is equipped with real rotating tires and steering wheel to set off on your next adventure! This set includes roof rack and accessories for a picnic including picnic basket, plates, and cheese and croissants! Two rows of bench seating convert into seats for baby figures including baby, twin and cradle triplets size figures. Remove the bench seating and the trunk and you've got seating and a picnic table for the next family adventure!

Box includes Family Picnic Van

Cruise around Calico Village in this pink toy vehicle with real rotating steering wheel and tires

Vehicle can fit up to 8 Calico Critters, including parent, child and baby size figures. Flip over the bench seats to find baby car seats for baby, twin and cradle triplet size figures

Includes roof rack which converts to a hopscotch game for babies, along with accessories to go on a picnic including picnic basket, plates, cheese and croissants

Convert the trunk door into a picnic table, and remove the bench seating for picnic seats for the whole family

Encourages imaginative and pretend play and suitable for children ages 3 and above

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