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Baby Ferris Wheel

Baby Ferris Wheel

Epoch Everlasting Play

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Baby Ferris Wheel includes a cute ferris wheel that can seat up to 3 babies and a Toy Poodle Baby figure. Baby Ferris Wheel's ferris wheel can be turned by holding onto the handle and turning to spin the circular base. Can be placed on top of Baby Castle Nursery (sold separately). Have even more fun playing alongside Baby Airplane Ride (sold separately).Frame (Left), Frame (Right), Gondola x3, Pole, Center Piece, Lock Piece, Handle, Base (Left), Base (Right), Toy Poodle Baby (a total of 12 pieces)

A ferris wheel for the baby figures

Includes 1 Toy Poodle Baby figure

Up to 3 babies can sit aboard the ferris wheel

Encourages imaginative role-playing

Suitable for ages three years and above
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