2020 LEGO Expo Winners & Staff Picks!


Annapolis Store Winners

Ages 13+

1st Place, Groundlings vs. Treelings: Treehouse Under Attack! By Cara M.



Ages 8-12

1st Place, Lego Luxury Hotel by Jackson GM.

2nd Place, Super Mansion by Penelope C.



Ages 5-7

1st Place, Portal of Dimensions by Elliot B.

2nd Place, Dino Battle Near the Volcano by James B.


Ages 2-4

1st Place, Duplo City Zoo by Camden GM.

2nd Place, Good Guy's Castle by Micha B.


Annapolis Store Honorable Mention

Honorable Mention, Ages 8-12, Black Lives Matter; Why Are We Fighting by Noelle M.


Honorable Mention Ages 5-7, Godzilla vs. Biollante by Bennett R.


Honorable Mention Ages 2-4 Blue Skies at Wolf Mountain by Finnegan V.



Severna Park Store Winners


Ages 13+

1st Place, Battle at the Outpost Bridge by Jeremy M.

2nd Place, Vote 2020 by Donna WJ.


Ages 8-12

1st Place, Crystal Cove Secret Hideout by Olivia WJ.

2nd Place, Five Nights at Freddy's Map by Nolan D.


Ages 5-7

1st Place, Castle of the Creeping Statues by Isaac R.

2nd Place, Millenium Falcon by Parker T.


Ages 2-4

1st Place, Elsa's House & Food Carts by Charlotte R.

2nd Place, Dockyard by Sterling B.


Annapolis Staff Picks


Mario Kart Jungle Adventure by Rebecca T.


Floor is Lava by Grady S.


Southwest Airplane by La'Mari C.


Hawaiian Restaurant by Olivia D.



Severna Park Staff Picks


Pokemon Battle Arena by James W.


Sonic & Tails by Bill E.

Tiresome Snake Attack by Warren W.


Mineonia by Aiden H.


Lucille's Park by Avery E.


Fruit Stand by Nicholas T.


Shadow Bat by Travis W.


Elsa's Ice Condo by Victoria K.