Hogwarts Halloween Extravaganza!


October 26th


Annapolis 11am-12pm


Severna Park 1pm-2pm



Grab your wands and robes for a Hogwarts Halloween Extravaganza with Eco Adventures!

Meet our most Fantastic Beasts and Magical Creatures in an interactive animal presentation.

Hungarian Horntails and Basilisks have nothing on our real life dragons and slithering serpents!



Put on a fabulous face with Face Works!


October 31st 3:00pm to 5:30pm at both stores 


Our favorite facepainters will make you the envy of the trick or treat circuit. They paint a wide variety of faces and each one is vibrant and detailed.

The cost is $10.00.

Advance sign-up and payment is required.

Sign-up by phone- Severna Park Store: 410-544-1844

Annapolis Store: 410-224-2411

or visit us and sign-up in-store!